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103 Squadron Honours and Awards

This is the full list of Honours and Awards to 103 Sqn personnel during the Squadron's history.
I welcome any additions or amendments to this list but I think it almost complete.
I have included the date gazetted where known. Those from 44 onwards I will look up when time permits.

Abbreviations - Medals

DSO - Distinguished Service Order.
DFC - Distinguished Flying Cross.
DFM - Distinguished Flying Medal.
MM - Medaille Militaire ( French ).
CdG - Croix de Guerre.
BEM - British Empire Medal.
MC - Military Cross.
CGM - Conspicuous Gallantry Medal.
DFC/USA - Distinguished Flying Cross/American.
AFC - Air Force Cross.
AFM - Air Force Medal.

The numbers of medals awarded are as follows.
AFC - 2
AFM - 3
BEM - 4
CGM - 1
CdG - 4
DFC - 155 ( Includes bars to Len Pipkin and Edgar Jones )
DFM - 73
DSO - 4
MC - 1
MM - 1

Surname & Initials, Rank, Service, Award, Gaz Date, Fate and Notes

WW1 - Nethersole  MHB Major RAF DSO 08/02/18 

Austin-Sparks J A/Cpt RAF DFC 01/12/18 

Chrispin JGH Lt RAF DFC 01/02/18 

Dodds RE Cpt RAF DFC 01/02/18 

Hett GB Lt RAF DFC 01/02/18 

Loly FM 2nd Lt RAF DFC 01/02/18 

Stubbs JS Cpt RAF DFC 01/12/18 

Watkinson  EJ  S/Mech RAF DFM 01/02/18 

Ovens LC Sgt RAF CdG 01/07/19 

WW2 - Vickers JH Sgt RAF MM 01/09/39   DOW 5th Oct 40. Died of wounds. Buried at Choly WC.

Summers JE AC1 RAF DFM 05/11/40 

Max RD F/O RAF CdG 01/06/40   Not confirmed. May have been post war.

McCudden  JA Sgt RAF CdG 01/06/40   Not confirmed. May have been post war.

Madkins  Corp RAF CdG  01/06/40   Not confirmed. May have been post war.

Lee HG S/L RAF DFC 05/11/40  OC 24 Sqn. Resigned commission in May 42.

Tait CER S/L RAF DFC 14/06/40 

Fitzgerald TB F/O RAF DFC 14/06/40  Transferred to 141 Sqn flying night fighters in Aug 1940

Havers JR F/O RAF DFC 05/11/40 

Ingram JA F/L RAF DFC 21/06/40 POW 21st Sept 41

Perry CD Sgt RAF DFM 14/06/40 DOW 14th Jun 40. Died of wounds. Buried at Benson St Helen CY Ext.

Lewis GF LAC RAF DFM 05/11/40 POW 8th June 40.

Crich WE Sgt RAF DFM 16/07/40 Survived ditching in N Sea Feb 41. 2 tours with 103 Sqn.

Norrington D Sgt RAF DFM 05/11/40 MIA 26th Feb 43. F/O. 83 Sqn. Commemorated on Runnymede Memorial.

Waern LF Sgt RAF DFM 05/11/40  Survived ditching in N Sea. Feb 41.

Cunningham W W/O RAF BEM Late 40  Squadron armaments officer

Partridge EJ F/S RAF BEM Late 40  NCO in charge of A Flight ground crew

Jennings WH F/S RAF BEM Late 40 NCO in charge of B Flight ground crew

Carrick PSP LAC RAF BEM Late 40 Awarded for driving the Sqn bomb train during the retreat.

Hawkins R P/O RAF MC 17/03/41 KIA 5th Oct 43. Awarded for escape. 1940. AFC. 3 Sqn, Buried Gent City C.

Anderson JR P/O RAF DFC 01/07/41 

Roberts  AJH F/O RAF DFC 01/08/41 

Max  RD F/O RAF DFC 01/09/41 Later C/O 75 New Zealand Sqn with DSO.

Lane  GV S/L RAF DFC 01/09/41 

Barker  FF F/S RAF DFM 01/09/41 KIA 31st May 42. F/S. 20 OTU. Buried at Jonkerbos WC.

Purcivall  JW P/O RNZAF DFC 01/09/41 KIA 22nd Sept 42. F/O. 460 Sqn Con Flt. Buried at Harrogate Stonefall C.

Wilkinson  BL F/S  DFM 01/10/41 

Blair  JE Sgt RAFVR DFM 01/10/41 KIA 22nd May 44. Later DFC. 97 Sqn. 156 Sq. Buried Molenaarsgraaf Protestant CY.

Addy JC Sgt RAFVR DFM 01/10/41 KIA 17th Jan 42. Later F/S. 27 OTU, Buried at Jurby St Patrick CY, IOM

Ayles RN Sgt  DFM 01/10/41 

Mason H Sgt RAFVR DFM 01/11/41 KIA 27th April 44. Later F/O. 83 Sqn. Buried at Durnbach WC.

Clowes KE Sgt  DFM 01/12/41 

Bray  CL Sgt  DFM 01/01/42 MIA 24th April 42. 103 Sqn. Commemorated on Runnymede Memorial.

Spooner  DW Sgt  DFM 01/01/42 KIA 3rd July 42. Later P/O. 103 Sqn. Buried at Sage WC.

Turner MG Sgt  DFM 01/01/42 

Allen JJ P/O DFC 01/01/42

Fisher DS Sgt  DFM 01/01/42 

Williams BH P/O  DFC 01/03/42 

Kitney RK F/S  DFM 01/04/42 KIA 7th July 43. F/L. 15 OTU. Buried at Feltham C.

Walker RE Sgt  DFM 01/05/42 KIA 8th July 43. F/L. 682 Sqn. Buried at Catania WC.

Marvell A Sgt  DFM 01/05/42 KIA 1st June 42. F/S. 20 OTU. Buried at Bergen GC.

Yarker SW W/O  DFC 01/06/42 

Fulbrook RJ W/O  DFC 01/06/42 KIA 22nd Sept 42. 103 Sqn Con Flt. Buried at Twyford St Mary CY. Berks

Brookes JF P/O  DFC 01/08/42 Later flew with 617 Sq.

Burt EC P/O  DFC 01/08/42 MIA 21st July 44. F/L. 97 Sqn. Commemorated on Runnymede Memorial

Campbell CS P/O RCAF DFC 01/08/42 MIA 3rd March 43. F/L. 429 Sqn. Commemorated on Runnymede Memorial

Eldridge JG P/O  DFC 01/08/42 KIA 24th May 43. F/L. DFC and bar. 166 Sqn. Buried at Amsterdam NC.

John GC Sgt  DFM 01/08/42 

Pugh REV Sgt  DFM 01/08/42 KIA 26th Nov 43. F/O. 103 Sq. 2nd Tour. Buried at Berlin 39-45 WC

Tett JK P/O  DFC 01/08/42 

Saxelby CK S/L  DFC 01/08/42 POW 7th Sept 42.

Holford DW S/L  DSO 01/08/42 KIA 17th Dec 43. W/C. DSO DFC. 100 Sqn. Buried at Cambridge City C.

McLean WJ F/S  DFM 01/09/42 

Lindo HL F/L RCAF DFC 01/09/42 MIA 15th Feb 44. 103 Sqn. 2nd Tour. Commemorated Runnymede Memorial

Kennard JH S/L  DFC 02/10/42 KIA 27th Sept 43. 103 Sqn. 2nd Tour. Buried at Hanover WC.

Albiston S Sgt  DFM 01/09/42 

Winchester KFJ P/O RAFVR DFC 01/10/42 KIA 15th Oct 42. F/L. 103 Sqn. Buried at Rheinberg WC.

Rose JCMcI P/O RAAF DFC 01/11/42 KIA 21st Dec 42. 103 Sqn. Buried at Maubeuge-Centre C.

MacDonald DM F/S  DFM 01/11/42 

Hynam WK Sgt  DFM 01/11/42 

Vaughan BW Sgt RAFVR DFM 01/11/42 KIA 15th Oct 42. 103 Sqn. Age 37. Buried at Rheinberg WC.

Pipkin LC F/O  DFC 01/11/42 KIA 30th Aug 44. DFC & bar. Died in shooting accident at Wymeswold. Buried Hendon C.

Phillips RM S/L  DFC 01/11/42 

Pipkin LC F/L  DFC 01/12/42 KIA 30th Aug 44. DFC & bar. Died accident at Wymeswold. Buried Hendon C. See above.

Oliver DP Sgt  DFM 01/12/42 

Douglas JK F/L RAAF DFC 01/12/42 KIA 8th Feb 45. DFC, AFC. Also served 166 Sq. W/C C/O 460 Sq & 467 Sq.

Austin WF F/S RAF DFM 01/12/42 MIA 1st March 43. 103 Sqn. Commemorated on Runnymede Memorial.

Berry FK Sgt  DFM 01/01/43 KIA 15th Feb 44. F/L. 103 Sqn. 2nd Tour. Buried at Texel Den Burg C.

Hopkins WH P/O  DFC 01/01/43 

Bluemenauer CR P/O  DFC 01/03/43 

Aston JEG Sgt  DFM 01/03/43 KIA 27th Sept 43. F/S. 103 Sqn. 2nd Tour. Buried at Hanover WC.

Leet RJ Sgt  DFM 01/03/43 

Fyson NJ F/O  DFC 01/03/43 

Bickers KG F/L  DFC 01/04/43 MIA 24th March 44. 103 Sqn. 2nd Tour. Commemorated on Runnymede Memorial

Cook AS Sgt RAAF DFM 01/04/43 KIA 4th Oct 43. DFC DFM. 156 Sqn. Pathfinders. Buried at Durnbach WC

Temperley JA F/L  DFC 01/04/43 

Newitt RM P/O RCAF DFC 01/04/43 Completed 2 tours.

Cornforth H Sgt  DFM 01/05/43 

Maddern G F/S RAAF DFM 01/05/43 

Ferrell G Sgt  DFM 01/06/43 

Breckon K Sgt  DFM 01/06/43 KIA 23rd Aug 43. 103 Sqn. Buried at Jonkerbos WC

Carter RAC W/C  DFC 01/06/43 

Thackray W F/S  DFM 01/06/43 

Burton SG Sgt  DFM 01/06/43 

Kemp AD F/S  DFM 01/07/43 

Day GC F/L  DFC 01/07/43 

Coffey PJ Sgt  DFM 01/07/43 

Holmes AG Sgt  DFM 01/07/43 

King KD P/O  DFC 01/07/43 

Denwood G W/O  DFC 01/07/43 

Davies TR F/O  DFC 01/07/43 

Whitehouse W P/O  DFC 01/07/43 

Wardel TS Sgt  DFM 01/07/43 

Widger WH Sgt  DFM 01/07/43 KIA 5th May 44. F/O. 101 Sqn. Buried at St Remy Sous Barbuise CY.

Ross NR W/O  DFC 01/07/43  Later flew with 617 Sq.

Proud LC Sgt  DFM 01/07/43 

Plummer CJ P/O  DFC 01/07/43 MIA 24th March 44. 103 Sqn. 2nd Tour. Commemorated on Runnymede Memorial.

Peglar SW P/O  DFC 01/07/43 

Van Rolleghem FVP F/L  DFC 01/07/43 

Martin SS P/O RCAF DFC 01/07/43 MIA 1st June 42. 20 OTU. Commemorated on Runnymede Memorial.

Godfrey O S/L RAF DFC 01/07/43 KIA 23rd June 42. 103 Sqn. Age 26. Buried Wierhuizen  Protestant C.

Morey SA F/O RAAF DFC 01/08/43 KIA 27th Sept 43. 103 Sqn. Buried Hanover WC.

Prickett TO S/L  DFC 01/08/43 

England HA S/L  DFC 01/08/43 

Cole WG F/L  DFC 01/08/43 

Beardsall KB P/O  DFC 01/08/43 

Dick R W/O  DFC 01/08/43 

Wood G F/O  DFC 01/08/43 

Unwin FHW F/O  DFC 01/08/43 

Spink D Sgt  DFM 01/08/43 

Rudge DW W/O  DFC 01/09/43 

Ratcliff JH P/O  DFC 01/09/43 

Lancaster G Sgt  DFM 01/09/43 

Powell PF W/O  DFC 01/09/43 

Fletcher ID F/S  DFM 01/09/43 

Chesterton PF W/O  DFC 01/10/43 KIA 27th Sept 43. 166 Sq. Buried at Hanover WC.

Carey DM F/L RCAF DFC 01/10/43 KIA 31st March 44. 12 Sq. Buried at Hanover WC.

Betty JW F/S  DFM 01/10/43 

Rawstorne JEP F/L  DFC 01/10/43 

Finlay DW F/L  DFC 01/10/43 POW 24th Sept 43.

Langstaff WC F/L RCAF DFC 01/10/43 

Agar GH Sgt  DFM 01/10/43 KIA 12th May 44. 2nd Tour. Buried at Schoonelhof WC.

Aitken G Sgt  DFM 01/10/43 

Groome LO W/O  DFC 01/10/43 

Gage SF W/O  DFC 01/10/43 

Rowe RHJ Sgt  DFM 01/10/43 

Presland EJ W/O  DFC 01/10/43 KIA 16th May 44. F/L. 576 Sq. Buried at Assens Fyn NC.

Drew JC 1st Lt USAAF DFC 01/11/43 

Hopps FT F/L  DFC 01/11/43 KIA 2nd Dec 43. 103 Sq. Buried Berlin 39-45 WC.

Lees PW F/S  DFM 01/11/43 

Ellis H P/O  DFC 01/11/43 

Bunten RJ W/O  DFC 01/11/43 

Teitzel LK W/O RAAF DFC 01/11/43 MIA 23rd Jan 45. Far East. Commemorated on Northern Territory Memorial

Slater JA W/C  DFC 01/12/43 

Roberts FJ F/S  DFM 01/12/43 

Warren JD W/O  DFC 01/12/43 

Edie RJ P/O  DFC 44/45 

Evans JR P/O  DFC 44/45 

Marsh L Sgt  DFM 44/45 

Churchill HD F/L  DFC 44/45 KIA 7th May 44. F/L. DFC and bar. 156 Sqn. Buried at Fidelaire CC.

Frost NH W/O  DFC 44/45 

Griffin RF F/L  DFC 44/45 

Jones ET P/O RCAF DFC 44/45 

Whittet JA S/L  DFC 44/45 

Miller BFH P/O  DFC 44/45 KIA 22nd Oct 43. 103 Sqn. Buried at Hanover WC.

Loop DH W/O  DFC 44/45 KIA 18th Oct 43. 103 Sqn. Buried at Hanover WC.

Lee KR W/O  DFC 44/45 KIA 22nd Oct 43. 103 Sqn. Buried at Hanover WC.

Ewer HF F/L RCAF DFC 44/45 KIA 22nd Oct 43. 103 Sqn. Buried at Hanover WC.

Spink CL Sgt  DFM 44/45 KIA 26th July 43. 103 Sqn. Buried at Reichswald Forest WC.

Lydon BB P/O  DFC 44/45 

Foster JD F/O  DFC 44/45 

Eddy WEM F/L  DFC 44/45 Evader with 103 Sqn.

Jones PV P/O  DFC 44/45 

Hayward DF Sgt  DFM 44/45 

Ogden CH P/O  DFC 44/45 KIA 15th July 44. 103 Sqn. Buried at Biencourt-Sur-Orge CC.

Rogers AR F/S  DFM 44/45 

O'Neil-Shaw DPL F/O  DFC 44/45 

Wise LH Sgt  DFM 44/45 

Lawrie JW P/O  DFC 44/45 

Owen F Sgt  DFM 44/45 

Wild P F/S  DFM 44/45 

Floyd NP F/L  DFC 44/45 

Jones ET P/O RCAF DFC 44/45 

Forster TC P/O  DFC 44/45 

Fortier DCW F/L  DFC 44/45 

Hooke EN F/O RCAF DFC 44/45

Perrin JH W/O  DFC 44/45

Russell-Fry GH F/L  DFC 44/45

Williams D Sgt  DFM 44/45

Dyde ERH F/S  DFM 44/45

Birch JO F/O RCAF DFC 44/45

Ansley CE F/O  DFC 44/45

Dawson RF Sgt  DFM 44/45

Pegg DJ F/S  DFM 44/45

Summers R Sgt  DFM 44/45

Yates VC Sgt  DFM 44/45

Dobbin IH P/O  DFC 44/45

Flemming DJC P/O  DFC 44/45

Young L F/O  DFC 44/45

Walker R F/O  DFC 44/45

Niven J P/O  DFC 44/45

Allwood O F/L  DFC 44/45

Barker  NG F/O  RCAF DFC 44/45

Carroll JR F/O  DFC 44/45

Hutchings FJ F/O  DFC 44/45

Moore AA P/O RCAF DFC 44/45

Rabchak JJ P/O RCAF DFC 44/45

Richardson A P/O  DFC 44/45

Selwyn J F/S  DFM 44/45

Spark JR Sgt  DFM 44/45

Wade JPA W/O  DFC 44/45

Woodley DH F/O  DFC 44/45

Chase GW P/O RCAF DFC 44/45

Browning FG P/O  DFC 44/45

Van Rolleghem FVP S/L  DSO 44/45

Matthews AWH F/S  DFM 44/45

Langston WF F/O  DFC 44/45

Furlong PBH F/O  DFC 44/45 

Wollard JA F/S  DFM 44/45 

Cooke JC F/S RCAF CGM 44/45 KIA 29th Nov 44. 103 Sqn. Buried at Reichswald Forest WC.

Marsden JTA F/L  DFC 44/45 

Brown P F/O  DFC 44/45 

Hamilton JD F/O  DFC 44/45 

Gane VG S/L  DFC 44/45 

Gibbons JR F/O  DFC 44/45 

Green J P/O  DFC 44/45 

Blamires RG F/O  DFC 44/45 

Josey DA F/L  DFC 44/45 

Maycroft DH F/O  DFC 44/45 

Bilbrough H F/O  DFC 44/45 

Newman DA F/L  DFC 44/45 

Fairlie RG F/O  DFC 44/45 

Gamble ACP F/O  DFC 44/45 

Henry AJ F/L RAAF DFC 44/45

Smith BE F/O  DFC 44/45

Skinner WA F/O  DFC 44/45

Mosley AJ F/O  DFC 44/45

Pamplin DR F/L  DFC 44/45

Garton M F/L  DFC 44/45

Baker WE F/O  DFC 44/45

Durrant FG F/O  DFC 44/45

Frish AG F/O  DFC 44/45

Matte LE P/O  DFC 44/45

Milling E Sgt  DFM 44/45

Jackson WDS F/O  DFC 44/45

Henry DA F/O RAAF DFC 44/45

Hague PP S/L  DFC 44/45

Josey DA F/L  DFC USA 44/45

Morgan LE F/O RCAF DFC 44/45

St John JR W/C  DSO 44/45 

Holland JE A/S/L  DFC 01/10/45 

Post war awards - Cartwright PJR F/O  DFC Post war 

Oliver BR F/O  DFC Post war 

Davies PL S/L  DFC Post war MC Ghurkas. Killed in service of Omani govt early 1974.

Millar JG F/L  DFC Post war 

Skillicorn BW F/O  AFC Post war 

Thatcher MF F/S  AFM Post war 

Fitton MM F/S  AFM Post war 

Black J S/L  AFC Post war 

Dungate J Sgt  AFM Post war 

Compiled by David Fell


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