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I will answer any enquiries re 576 Squadron to the best of my ability. Queries relating to the Fiskerton era will be forwarded to my colleague who runs the Fiskerton website

In future I will be adding more content to the site when time permits. Much of this will be work I have already written up and/or has been printed.

Material from contributors will be considered for addition to the website provided it has not been posted on line or printed previously. I do not want issues over copyright.

A more comprehensive History of 576 Squadron is available on this page.

The 576 Squadron Roll of Honour is available here.

I am experimenting with a different format at the moment. These were compiled and written up by me in 2005 and now need to be rewritten and updated but they are still useful reference in the meantime.

RAF Elsham Wolds Diary 41 to 45. This is a summary of the day to day events at the airfield. It was sent to me over 15 years ago. I have added this to the RAF Elsham Wolds Section page  - here

In Search of Answers query page  - here

Books concerning 576 Squadron and Bomber Command in general  - here

Useful Links - here



E mail address - 576squadronraf@gmail.com