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Update 4th May 2017

I will continue updates through the Summer but not as much as I want to relax a bit. I will answer any e mails received and also post material submitted as before.

Update - 25th April 2017

Carol Fowler is joining the team which now makes 2 of us. She is most welcome as her professional expertise re  website matters and her ongoing interest in genealogy will be a great asset. In addition she will be a regular contributor from now on as and when other duties permit.

Cyril Charles Rollins DFC

I was very sorry to hear recently Cyril Rollins DFC passed away in Feb at the grand old age of 96. He was a well known 103/576 vet for many years. As my own very modest tribute I have added a Profile page for him. I would welcome any additional info re that and will add it on to the item.

Progress Report.

  Many thanks to those friends visitors and contacts who have made favourable comments re my new sites. I am now running 3. RAF Elsham Wolds, 103 Sqn and 576 Sqn. I will be feeding in new material on all 3 sites for some weeks. This is stuff I already have on file. Mostly 103 Sqn but not all. This process will take some time as there is a lot of it and it will need sorting and editing etc but should be complete by the end of June. Maybe a bit later. I will then look at my databases and see if it is worth doing something with them. These are all huge files and that will need some thought. I am not even sure whether it is worth bothering as lists of data are not very interesting. 13th Feb 2017

RAF Elsham Wolds Website.

The RAF Elsham Wolds website mentioned below is now live and can be found here. 8th Feb 2017

RAF Elsham Wolds.

I am going to produce a separate site for RAF Elsham Wolds soon.
There is more than enough material on file to warrant one.
News of this will follow. 6th Feb 2017

Websites Changes.

Final posting of the year. I hope to try and convert this site to a responsive web design within the next 12 months. It seems to be the way to go these days. However that is rather a challenging project with a content heavy website. It will certainly take a lot of planning and I will need new software. Whether I have the time or motivation to do it or not is another matter. Time will tell. 13th Dec 2016

A Sincere Appreciation.

This week I took delivery of a most impressive collection of original photo prints relating to both 103 Squadron and 576 Squadron and also several log books and other ephemera. None of this I had seen before. These came from the family of one of my long time contacts, now sadly deceased, who has been collecting many years - well before me. The family wish to remain anonymous and I will of course respect their wishes. I do however wish to put on record my most sincere thanks for this wonderful donation to my archives. This collection is of great value and will be put to good use. The gentleman concerned passed away several months ago. I knew him well and we helped each other on numerous occasions over the years. He was a splendid chap and is sadly missed by many people. 2nd Dec 2016

576 Squadron Website.

Several of my contacts have expressed disappointment that their family 576 Squadron Profiles are no longer on line since I deleted my old 13 Base website. In view of this I have decided to set up a small separate 576 Squadron website with the old content relating to this squadron plus a few more items. I will add to this occasionally with items I already have on file. The new 576 Squadron website will be on line in the not too distant future. 19th Nov 2016

Important Notice.

There seems to be some confusion regarding my status which has been brought to my attention.

 Please be aware that I have not been connected with or had any involvement with the RAF Elsham Wolds Association since 2013.

If anyone wishes to contact me please e mail me direct at my personal e mail address  103squadronraf@gmail.com 23rd Oct 2016.

103 Squadron Website

This web site has been up and running since mid September 2016.  The old 13 Base web site is now off line.

I welcome new contacts and material and will add pages for next of kin etc if they wish to submit suitable profile/item and photos.

I am particularly interested in 103 Sqn history in WW1 and from 1937 to the end of the Battle of France in the summer and 1940. Also post war info and photos which have proved rather elusive over the years. Anything that is relevant to these periods will be most welcome.

I will answer any enquiries re 103 Sqn to the best of my ability. I have been doing this for 30 years and during that period have amassed a huge archive of reference sources, photos and material etc.


103 Squadron - RAF Website

This site is complementary to my RAF Elsham Wolds and 576 Squadron sites.

Site updates.

This site will be updated on a regular basis for the foreseeable future.

13th May 2017 - Dawson Profile and Cramer, Nightingale and Curtin Twins added to Vignette 43 to 45 Section.

7th May 2017 - Whiting Profile added plus various amendments

4th May 2017 - Steel Profile added

25th April 2017 - Short vid taken at Brigg Cemetery added. See Bagley Page See Misc Profiles.

23rd April 2017 - Bagley added to Misc Profiles.

20th April 2017 - Langstaff, Presland and Piper Profiles added.

27th March 2017 - John C Mc Rose Profile added.

26th March 2017 - Rollins added to Profiles.

25th March 2017 - Carpenter, Vernieuwe, Remi and Bechoux added to Profiles. Additions to Henry Bros and Ross Profile.

24th March 2017 - Carlin , Leggett and Gore and T Jones added to Profiles.

23rd March 2017 - Support Helicopter article added to 103 Sqn Post War page.

22nd March 2017 - Langille and Grant, Edgar Jones and William McLellan Profiles added. Andree De Jongh added to Profiles Misc. Billy added to new Vignette 43/45 Section

21st March 2017 - Profiles of Edie and Bassett added. Rathbone crew added to Articles and Misc.

18th March 2017 - Profiles added for Maddern crew and Roper crew. Neb Kujundzic added to Vignettes 42/43

16th March 2017-  Profile added for Burton crew plus item re Minelaying ops April 43, Smith, Berry, Kennard, Fox/Spiller and Claridge/Wagstaff added to Vignettes 42/43

12th March 2017 - Carter, Austin and Laing added to Profiles Section. Vignettes 42/43 added for Bayliss, Douglas, Winchester and Vaughan

3rd March 2017 -  Charles Waghorn and Dermot Kelly added to Vignettes 40/42. Lane Profile added. Wallis, Hare and Kitney articles added  to Articles and Misc Section.

2nd March 2017 -  Stephen Cox, Kennington, Len Pipkin, Charlie Tait and David Davidner added to Vignettes 40/42.  Du Boulay Profile, and  Walter Morison Profile added.

1st March 2017.- Articles Section added.  R E V Pugh DFM, Lewis Blome Jones and Mellor and Havers items added to Vignettes Section 40/42. David Holford Profile added with Channel Dash addition. 103 Squadron Photo Gallery Wellington era added

27th Feb 2017. - John Bucknole Profile and Brest op item added.

25th Feb 2017.- 103 Sqn 1937/40 Photo Gallery added. Denis Mahon  John Coverdale and Rochford Hughes added to 37/40 Vignettes

22nd Feb 2017 - Profiles of Mervyn ap Rhys Pryce, Roy Max and Arthur Roberts added plus additions of  Denis Carey and Joseph McCudden to 37/40 Vignettes page.

21st Feb 2017. - 37/40 Vignettes page added to 103 Sqn 1937 to 1940  section plus various small updates.

18th Feb 2017 - 103 Squadron WW1 Awards page added and Robert Emrys Owen item added to the WW1 Vignettes page

16th Feb 2017 - WW1 Gallery added

15th Feb 2017 - Robert Newby added to WW1 Vignettes page

12th Feb 2017 - Pages re Lt J G H Chrispin, Louis Strange, WW1 Gallery and WW1 Vignettes added to 103 Sqn WW1 Section.

10th Feb 2017. - All the RAF Elsham Wolds content has now been transferred to the new RAF Elsham Wolds Airfield website

4th Feb 2017 - Query re Rose crew added to In Search of Answers page.

25th Jan 2017 - Flipbook 103 Squadron Post War Photo Gallery added. Flipbook 103 Squadron Roll of Honour added to Resources Section and also various small updates.

17th Jan 2017 - History of 103 Squadron Flipbook added to 103 Sqn and Resources Pages

30th Dec 2016 - Berchtesgaden item added and various small updates.

15th Dec 2016 -  Richards’ Profile added.

26th Nov 2016 - Ronchin item added

24th Nov 2016 - Gutersloh and Nicosia items added.

15th Sept to 30th Oct 2016 - Several new items added and a number of changes and edits made.

15th Sept 2016 - 103 Sqn website on line. 13 Base web site defunct.

4th Sept 2016 - Website announcement. 103 Sqn only.



E mail address - 103squadronraf@gmail.com