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F/L Louis Joseph Camille Remy DFC RAFVR - 103 Sqn.

Belgian Air Force – Colditz Escaper – Pilot 103 Squadron RAF – General in Post War Belgian Air Force.

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  Louis Remy was born on the 14th July 1918 in Brussels Belgium.

  In 1936 he joined the Belgian Air Force and trained as a Pilot and Observer at the Belgian Military Aviation College.

  He fought in the Battle of Belgium in 1940 and was taken prisoner by the Germans in Aug 1940. Whilst held in Oflag VIIIC he made 3 escapes and was transferred to the fortress at Colditz in April 42. He soon escaped again from the hospital at Schnauschwitz and this time successfully evaded across German and France and then by boat to Algeria. From there he embarked for Gibraltar and arrived in the UK in July.

  He enlisted in the RAF in Oct 42 and trained as a pilot in Canada. Although his personal preference was for fighters he was selected for training as a bomber pilot.

  Remy was posted to 103 Squadron and Elsham Wolds in July 1944. He completed a tour between Aug 44 and Jan 45 and was awarded a DFC.

  Remy remained in the Belgian Air Force after the war and held a number of important positions. His ability, intelligence, drive and determination led to a series of rapid promotions culminating in his promotion to General – Brigade Commandant of SOC2/NATO at Goch.

  He left the air force in 1964 due to family reasons but continued to have a successful career in business as a consultant and director of a number of important companies and agencies.

  He was fluent in 4 languages and a life long learner holding an interesting variety of degrees and diplomas. As if that was not enough he was a keen and energetic sportsman of some ability playing golf tennis and squash and was also a proficient skier, horseman and swimmer.

  He passed away on the 13th Sept 1992.

   Written by David Fell - Thanks to the Belgian War Museum for the photo and some of the information in the above.



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