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F/L Alastair Clarence “Al” Watt, RCAF (J/89387) 103 Sqdn


  Al Watt was a Canadian who enlisted in the RCAF on the 17th Sept 1942 in Ottawa. He trained as a pilot and embarked to the UK in 1943. After further training he was posted to 103 Sqdn at Elsham Wolds with his crew on the 25th November 1944.

  Al’s crew consisted of :-

  Crew on first and last Operations:
Sgt. J.F. “Jim” Jackson, Flight Engineer (RAF, 3040028) KIA 17-MAR-45
F/Sgt. W.H. “Bill” Fetherston, Bomb Aimer(RCAF, R/190659) KIA 17-MAR-45
F/Sgt. G.W. “George” Blackshaw, Navigator (RAF, 1620678) KIA 17-MAR-45
F/Sgt. J.S. “Stan” Hickey, Wireless Operator (RAF, 1230658) KIA 17-MAR-45
F/Sgt. A.C.”Al” Bellisle, Mid-Upper Gunner (RCAF, R/271059) POW 18-MAR-45 (Stalag 5a)
F/Sgt. A.E.  “Al” Wotherspoon, Rear Gunner (RCAF, R/192267) KIA 17-MAR-45

  Together they completed 19 operations.

  This crew failed to return from their 20th operation to Nuremberg on the 16/17th March 1945. The Lancaster they flew on that operation was NN758.

  For full details refer to the attached pdf file ( click here )

  This excellent and comprehensive document has been produced by Gordon Earl and we thank him for his permission to post this on the site



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